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Ahh...The net is vast...

In very brief:

The oddest phenomenon today, and a first for me: I inadvertently came across this post on a blog called "The Classroom," written by someone called "The Professor" (a Professor Quinn, the domain name would suggest...), who writes:
Yeah, I know that it's all about comic books, but Lampert's piece is an interesting work of literary criticism nonetheless. And in case you've been living under a rock (or on another continent, which is essentially the same thing), Captain America died.
What follows is a repost--in its entirety--of a column I wrote for a (now largely defunct*) website called SequArt.

I've officially been...reblogged.

* This is actually how I came across said blog: SequArt has apparently devolved into a promo site for its founder, who has since gotten into the movie business. All of the scholarly content is gone, and so I'm planning on re-posting my series of comic essays here. This process would be made far simpler if I could find a Google cache or the like of the original columns somewhere on the 'net--So far, however, The Professor's blog is the closest I've come...Stay tuned.

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